my husband is so fabulous

this is post is all for him because today is his birthday! woohoo!
i would like to share a few of the reasons why i love him so much:

he has THE cutest bum :)

he's cute even when he's upset or angry

he is the best singer

he looks good in just about anything

he's gonna make me some cute babies!

he is SUCH a stud!

and the best kisser!

i got really lucky with this one! i say that to him all the time, but i really do mean it! he's the best there is, and i am amazed that i was blessed to have gotten him as my best friend and husband forever! thanks hun, for always being there! love ya!



everyone hates being sick. duh. well we are sick, and obviously we hate it. i had it bad earlier this week, now joseph has it worse. i had just been expecting it sooner this semester, and when i didnt get it, i thought we were in the clear. nope. no way jose. my perfect week off of school that i had set out to get many things accomplished was ruined with sore throats, sneezing, runny nose, endless tiredness. BUT i did manage to accomplish a few things that i set out to do:

finish painting all the spots left on the walls from the house guy

sanded, painted, and put hardware on a bookshelf that i meant to paint about four months ago. well its almost done, but i am pretty happy with it. joseph helped with all of it too!

entertained two brothers from opposite ends of the country for a weekend.

got a few things organized.


got to watch all of "the biggest loser"

we finally got to take down the lava lavas from the windows and put up real window blinds. it has made all the difference in the world for some reason. i think they are beautiful.

got a solid start to a goal of running 150 miles by april 15th. thanks to lindsay for this one- i needed a point to running on the treadmill at the gym.

anyways..... gotta go get ready to somehow teach sharing time to a huge room filled with noisy primary kids. i hardly remember many sharing times, and i've only seen how its done a few times and i still have no idea what to do! we'll see how this goes.....


weekend fun!

inside the photobooth: lola and ginger.

joseph's brother has been here this weekend from north carolina to get some training to work with us this summer. we had some fun this weekend, and he got to see how great utah really is. his faves: girls, snow, great people, and real mountains. maybe not the mountains, but thats one of mine. so heres a recap of the weekend:

this sums up our night at the tumbling gym friday. lots of crazies and crashes.

bajio=amazing and good times. with lindsay!

one of those times that i love utah.

we all had a blast bowling. a few reactions after a bowl. jacob. watch me now.

me. aka lola. tear.

joseph. robot.

lindsay. aka ginger. new dance moves.

whew. what a weekend. don't worry though- mine will keep going until thursday. one holiday on monday equals three days off and LOTS of time to play catch up and get ahead. a rare and beautiful, beautiful thung.


everything i know i learned in primary

so last week we FINALLY had our records transferred into our new ward and received callings. i was pretty happy because i had my records in five wards in the last year and a half and never got a calling. they told us over a month ago that they had ones ready for us but were just waiting on the records. anyways.... we got called as primary teachers- and i am pretty excited about it. we teach the nine-year-olds and we already know this is going to be a pretty funny time. these kids know their stuff, and we will definitely get some laughs. i'm sure to have some funny stories to share. the line from this kid got us rolling:
last week during sharing time the song chorister taught the kids "tell me the stories of Jesus" and in it is the word 'wayside'. after telling them what it meant, she finished the song, and they sang it a couple times. she then held up a picture of Christ teaching the Sermon on the Mount. she asked, 'what is Jesus doing here?' one kid answered 'teaching the people' and she asked 'what specifically is he teaching?' and another said 'he's teaching by the wayside!'

besides primary nothing new to report besides the fact that it hasnt snowed since thursday, and for that i am really greatful right now.


i need some real sunshine.

there has been snow on the ground since we came back from christmas break. hasnt ever completely melted, its stuck around for over a month. and i have been having a really positive look on it, but im now over it. the snow needs to melt, and i need some warm weather. unless we were to get a snow day every so often. take a look at this house:
it belongs to my parents. my two younger siblings received a snow day when this happened overnight. it was about eight inches.

now look at this picture
this has been the scene in the field across the street from us. for over a month now. seriously.
and we havent gotten a snow day. i am sick of it. it would be okay if we got a snow day here and there, or if the snow would at least melt between each falling, as per the usual here in utah. it usually melts before noon, so even if you wanted to enjoy it you had better get up early and get your snowman done before ten am because he will be gone. i am here to tell you there is no such thing as global warming- it has only hit 40 degrees ONCE in the last month. which is funny because i never thought that we would roll down the car windows and enjoy the balmy 40 degrees. but going to school when its 18 EVERY MORNING will do that to you.

now that i have that out, this was funny to look at.
poor oreo is sick of the snow too. she used to frolick and dance and chase snowballs, but now all she wants is to do her business and get back inside. but because the snow is taller than her, she can't find her way back to the house.

her head is on the right. she is just one big furball these days.