Little miss E.

Mid sneeze and happy relief.

She really is the cutest, this little devil. She is so smart. And boy does she have a temper. Quite the drama queen that one. She loves to parrot her siblings, thinking she is so big, although she really isnt. We are finally making a little headway in the communications department, she is pointing and grunting! Ha. AND she folds her arms for prayers now. Sometimes. When she's in the mood. And boy, do I love her.


More of the same.

Somehow, each week feels like Geoundhog Day. Same thing, week after week. Seriously, the weather forecast does not differ from 62 degrees, partly cloudy, mostly windy. Day in, day out, its always the same. About once a month we have a really hot day, where they warn of extreme heat reaching a balmy 75 degrees, so watch out. No really, they warn and warn. And then it doesnt get above 68. Such is life.

These days melting into each other have been dotted with a few fun things here and there. A trip to San Fran, a trip to the temple, beach nights, family dates, etc. 

I am trying so hard to find positive, fun things about where we are. It's just not the most young kid-friendly part of the world, and I'm getting realllllly tired of "you've got your hands full!" "Oh, bless you young mothers" etc. every single time we hit the grocery store. I mean there are some fun things. A few. But most of the attractiveness of Monterey is in the food scene, and quite frankly, we cannot afford to jump into that, and it's not conducive to a Mormon's world, and kids are not invited.

That being said. We are finding more affordable side of the highway food stands and farms, adventuring in cooking, and just bundling up, braving the winds and trying to find more of the beauty we are surrounded by. 

And toasting marshmallows on the stove when the wind won't let us keep the fire going outside. 

Also, Evie does this really cute thing where she cocks her head to the side, gets all giggly and laughs and its just about the cutest thing ever. Sometimes it helps on those terribly yucky days.

And her hair is cray-cray. I'm aware. Entirely. But it's getting so close to being long enough to start doing cute things with it...... So, crazy mullet-y hair everywhere it is.