large and in charge

although not so swollen this time around, i'm constantly tripping and stumbling on and into everything. yes im normally a total klutz, but its worse than usual. last night though i saw some pretty sweet machinery that i could definitely use; i went with the youth in our ward to take a tour of the student athlete building and get access to the BYU football team's special rooms. in the training room (for any athlete to use) they had a sweet pool with a treadmill in it. oh to be able to walk without the swelling of feet! i don't think the kids were super impressed, but it looked heavenly to me! in the weight room, just as sweet were two other treadmills with hooks that could lift you up a little bit so you can walk/run and take the weight off (for those 300+ lbs. dudes... somehow makes them faster?) again, most of the kids were more interested in the punching bag and dummy, but to be able to get around without the weight..... again, not complaining- i walked up and down all the stairs just as easily, if not easier, than some of the kids last night.

anyways- not complaining, just dreaming about how nice it would be..... all bets are on that this baby will be bigger than claire was. i'm told i look larger this time around, and again my babies are carried low, so we shall see!


just sayin'

chem goggles
throwin' a fit, but i love the piggie tails
swim goggles

a few phone pics.... what a goober. love hangin' with my g-funk every day.


sweet moments

we get a few of these every day. my favorite lately has been her attempt at the abc's and singing her own songs. she's so fun to listen to- not sure what she's singing about but elmo gets thrown in there occasionally. i also love watching her tuck her dollies in, and kissing everyone good night, including each picture of Jesus we have. love ya sweetie!



its all worth it. its all worth it. its all worth it. its all worth it.


hit stage 3 and feeling quite sluggish these days... but the end is in sight. its there. i can see it coming. i have a will-not-go-past-this-date set, and that makes me very happy.

on a sad note they tore down the pristine pool in our backyard today. we've been watching the bull dozer tear it down and fill in the hole all morning. what a total and complete waste.

also unrelated, but i'm curious. does anyone know how to teach a toddler that soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, lotion, and all that is DISGUSTING? claire is obsessed with eating all of the mentioned, and doesn't care that it tastes funky. i don't leave all that stuff out, but every so often she finds a way to try and scarf some down. oh dear child.