we are fun people.... see?

have you been bored with us? 'cause we have. so we decided as our last weekend in DC we would actually do something not related to work, and do something we have been wanting to do all summer. we made a trip down do the smithsonian today to go and see the air and space museum! we hopped on the metro for a quick ride and landed smack in the middle of 'the mall." luckily it wasn't too hot outside and we walked around the mall for a bit and ate snacks, and checked out the museum. it was pretty sweet- they do an amazing job with it. joe was loving it! his secret dream life would be to fly around in planes, and he was totally digging seeing how they worked and have evolved, and their role in history. we didnt snap a ton of pictures, but enough so that we could prove we went. see?
the cessna was the perfect size for me!

not so much for him- a tinsy bit too small
and now we are tired. i am leaving in just a week and a half- i can't wait to see my family on the way back to utah! time sure is flying! (haha, get it?)


Anonymous said...

haha i looked at this picture and i was like..when did they do that? i couldn't have been far away but i didn't even see that plane much less you guys climbing into it. haha i'm a space cadet.

Shellie said...

Son, you just don't fit! Cute legs though!
Love, Mom

Mom and Sarah said...

haha u and ur green purse...u should have mom fix that when u get here.