please, just stop

dearest claire,

you are more joy to your parents than you will ever know. but please, just stop growing up for a few minutes, k? you are talking up a storm, you are getting so smart with all those books you read. you make friends with EVERYONE, you make us smile, shake our heads, and laugh constantly. you have the craziest hair- it doesn't stay groomed more than ten minutes before you are off and getting into everything. mornings and after naps are your best time of day- you are so so so happy to see us when we walk in to get you. just stop changing and let us enjoy this part of you a little longer, please?

your mom and dad


LinnieBell said...


can i come play with her today? pretty please?? thanks.

Yaya said...

Can you please stick her in the car with Jill? I promise I will give her back....sometime......but I JUST want to play with her! I need you guys to skype with me sometime. She is SO cute.
Love, Yaya