When you wake up in the morning

And you feel like this?

I tried to convince myself, that the foggy gray mornings of Monterey are enchanting, mysterious, or fun. That I would miss it when we move next year.
Not so much.
I am convinced I have S.A.D. And waking up to fog every day this summer really was a doozy.
And then! A glorious couple weeks of some bright September sunshine, only to have hopes dashed.
And then! It started to rain! Ha no, just kidding. 20 minutes of sprinkles was plenty.
I feel like I live in a version of Groundhog's Day.
Sometimes we get a break, some sunshine, a high of 75-80 degrees, then it's right back to the fog.
I'm over it.

Sorry for the complaining......

Here's a happy thought:
I went to the grocery store this morning
And actually filled the cart up, and got the correct groceries
AND used coupons!
PLUS all that stuff fits a 3 week meal plan. (Because the grocery store we go to is controlled by the gov, and might close...... week......)

1 comment:

Yaya said...

This boy is SOOOOOO much his father's son!!! But he sure is fun when he's not grumpy!!! I would be depressed all the time if there wasn't a change in seasons and some wonderful sunshine! Hang in there!!!