Some Pictures

These are all out of order..... but here are some random shots from the day!

Me and my photographer's daughter Addy- so adorable!

Getting ready to shove cake at each other!
(It got messy, but we were pretty nice!)

Mississippi river in the background

Me and mom getting ready for the reception

All the studly groomsmen

My beautiful bridesmaids

Almost all the family that was there

Coming out of the Navuoo Temple

Special thanks to Dressler photography for the pictures
at the temple that day! Even with the rain they turned out!
Also to Katharine LeCheminant for pictures at the
reception- it got a little stressful but they are awesome!

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The Grand High Budge Mom said...

Cute blog and beautiful wedding pictures-I love the picture of the two of you with the Mississippi river behind you-gorgeous!