sweet homemaking skills? not yet....

so in efforts to impress everyone with my sweet cake making abilites, i attempted to make your basic two layer triple chocolate fudge cake. however, our oven is slightly old.... SO i found a pan that fit in the toaster oven. and it worked for the first layer, and pretty much for the second, but then as i was frosting it the one on top split down the middle and came crashing down the sides, ruining the almost two hours i spent on it. :( here are my attempts.

sad huh?


Shellie said...

I hope he was a good husband and ate it anyway. Looks aren't everything. Hopefully his mother has taught him that!

Joseph and Katie said...

Don't worry he had no trouble eating it at all.... You know him he'll eat anything that is edible.

From Joseph: It was delicious and i thought it was a piece of art!!!