oh bubbers

my delicious bubbalicious, hunk-of-a-chunk. tried to sit in the cart. too lazy.

you make me smile. you light up the room. your laugh is contagious, and your grins are bigger than the sun.

you can't roll over. you can't crawl. your head is too darn big. but you are trying to sit up on your own, but that is really hard too, because your toesies look too fun to chew on and you nose dive every time. but you can scoot around on your back. thats kinda fun to watch.

jumping is your favorite, after watching claire dance. that is about the funniest thing ever to you. and i agree- mommy and daddy can't stop laughing when we see it.

you are my happy bubba. and i love it. and i love you. i promise i didn't forget that you turned six months old yesterday (!!!). we were just having too much fun. claire was trying to sneak you crackers and cookies though; i think you liked it. and i think you two will be best buds.

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LinnieBell said...

no emotion bubbalicious. except when he's getting a little kissy kissy from me! i'll post a pic tomorrow morning to show you what i'm talkin' about. loooove that kid!