sister & mister

this morning's text convo with lindsay was about various topics.... but my fave part was about claire and bubbers relationship. claire can make bubba laugh harder than anyone. she is the one that will run over and make him happy any time. she is always SO concerned if he is a little sad, and will stay with him til he gets happy again. but, he can pull her hair, and she can get a little rough with him. i LOVE seeing them together though- they can just be looking at each other and just laugh for about ten minutes straight. not doing anything but laugh hysterically. love it.

in other news, bubba is trying real hard to grow up. he was attempting to crawl this morning, but between his durned big head and shapely bum, he just could not get them up at the same time. he is a sitting champ. loves seeing the world in a different view.

love these kids. love my husband. love that he convinced me to let me have a new bedspread for my birthday/valentines day. you can see a little peek of it under caleb there. kind of obsessed really. best part? he really likes it too. win-win-win.


LinnieBell said...

claire looks soo annoyed that you took her she's saying, "seriously, mom?! are you taking another picture of me? i'm so over this. i just want to watch mickey mouse."

Yaya said...

I thought Claire looked like she was sorry for whatever she did :) Caleb is just squeezable cute...wish I could squeeze. I love the new bedspread.