i try,

but claire is her own little person.

yesterday joe asked what i needed him to do, so i had him take claire on a daddy-daughter date. i suggested just going to mcdonalds, share some fries, and get some of her energy out. so he did. upon arriving, three families from our ward (with lots of boys) were already there. claire joined right in.

joe got her a happy meal, picked the girl toy, because shes a girl, duh.

wrong choice. upon seeing what the boys had, she forgot all about the pink my-little-pony, and when she came home had a toy monster truck in her hand. hasn't left her sight since.

sleeps, eats, plays with it all. day. long.

i try and get her to like more girly things. but she just might be my tough sports-playing diva. we literally had to block the view of the boy undies when we went to get them so she wouldn't freak out over having to wear the girly stuff. she likes girly, pink and purple, sparkles, but.... hates pretties in her hair or on her head, doesn't care for dress ups, and has perma-bruises on her shins from playing rough. and i. love. her.


Skus said...

Same thing with my niece. She wanted pink sparkly princess shoes.. and a basketball hoop for her birthday. I think that's what makes kids so fun though!

Yaya said...

I feel your pain. My girls didn't really play with dolls or barbies, they would turn their stove and sink over and they would be golf carts! I won't tell you who liked to play with the might can guess :)
I have sent her some hair bows, but I understand when she won't wear them...mine wouldn't either. Aren't you glad you could dress her up like you wanted when she was little, before she had an opinion? Give her kisses from Yaya.