monster in the house

{don't worry- i grabbed her a second after i snapped the picture!}

when i say that we have a created a monster, i mean a monster that we really love. but i am a little worried. she is standing up on her own already! seriously if i were to put her in a room with nothing in it she would scale the walls. she pulled herself up using the straight side of the couch a few minutes ago! i would love to be able to just play with her constantly so she doesn't do that, but i really just can't! and she doesn't like toys as much anymore unless shes strapped in the car seat with nothing else to do. all she wants to do is crawl and climb everything. i doubt that at this point baby gates would stop her. pray she doesn't bang her head on anything too badly.


Jill said...

well, she is her father's child. you already know this i'm sure katie, but my dad nicknamed joseph "into" when he was a kid because he was so active. It looks like you've got "into jr." on your hands. good luck!

Yaya said...

I am SOOOO Sorry Katie. Not that I had anything to do with it.....but I have LIVED it! Less is more in Claire's world right now. Did you know we had to TIE our refrigerator closed? I had locks on all the tops of the doors. I was worried she was going to be like her Dad. He was my only one that was SOOOO strong so early.