forget about finals....

.....lets play some ball! okay, so we still have finals that start.... tomorrow...... but i wanted to give a little shout out to my macho hubby of a football playa! he has played flag football basically every semester since, ever, and this was his team's first winning season! it was a little crazy because they got put in a different division than they should have been, but it was still a great season and i was a proud fan at every game! he was playing with some of our mutual friends from washington, and its always good to have an excuse and catch up with old buddies.

get yer game face on!

they always wore black, and the team they played was white. hence, black and white.

a little huddle action

joseph brewer, please sign your name so i can give you a t-shirt.
you're a winner!

woot woot! the winning team!
the really funny thing about this team was that by the end of the season, not a single person could name all the players they played with. the first time they heard everyone's name was when they read off the names to hand out the shirts. its all about team unity, right?

two more things: i am quite over this stupid utah weather. its a good thing that i am already planning on locking myself inside this weekend, because i don't plan on enjoying the snowstorm we are expecting to come through. yes, a snowstorm, towards the end of april.
i'm making a public apology to my sister-in-law jill for not doing cooler things while she was here. we are boring. and we have no proof that she even visited. i'm so very sorry. :(
okay one more thing. we are moving tuesday. thats in about five days. wish us luck.


Anonymous said...

i appreciate your apology but honestly...all i wanted to do was hang out with you guys and thats exactly what i did. i have the most fun with people when we are just hangin around doing whatever, talking about whatever...therefore i really enjoyed my visit. so no worries. and pictures of me are so very overrated...
;) ~jill

Porter Family said...

good luck moving. we're excited to say hi to you again. umm, when did they start playing flag football during the winter semester? I worked for intramurals the entire time I was at BYU and I loved it! I'm glad he had fun playing flag football.

Shellie said...

Well, I almost wrote a mean blog to my son, then thought better of it. Just want you to know I got a REALLY good laugh at the first shot of Joseph. Good luck with finals. Isn't it time for a "before" side shot of Katie (and maybe you too Joseph". For those that don't get to see you--we want to see how the "bump" grows!
Love, Yaya

Richard said...

Joseph - Katie is going to have to go a ways to catch up with you. You are starting to look like me(just in the first shot).

LinnieBell said...

my little homies--i hope you're documenting your little road trip that you're on right now! according to my calculations, you've probably stopped about 3 or 4 times and have about 9 more hours to go...