being a mom means

(or being the closest aunt means)

taking your kid to jump in the puddles

yes, claire is 2 1/2 and this would be her first official time bring allowed to jump in the puddles.

not that she hasn't jumped in puddles, but this time she was encouraged. i just hate being wet.

so after driving home from playing with lindsay, i couldn't help but put the bubba down for bed, and put some real boots on claire and let her go to town. go HERE to see the jumping. don't mind the undies.... her pants were already soaking, and i don't know about you but one of the worst feelings in the world is having the bottom of the pants be wet. (after plain being wet, or having wet hair. i can't stand to have wet hair!)

thanks for the fun linds! (and the "eggs" and popcorn)

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