Sunday thoughts

Really long, never ending week. Sick junk raged in our house and just lots of yuck. Lots of decisions, some hard, and by Saturday I just wasn't sure how much more i could take at the time. But luckily, and by lucky I mean seriously blessed, i got to go to the relief society broadcast and be surrounded by wonderful women, and have my perspective re-adjusted. A quick chat with a friend afterwards reallllly made me reflect and made me so, so grateful for the 2.5 little ones I've got. So, so grateful for such a wonderful husband. So grateful for my entire family, especially this week for a sister who saves the day watching kids, brings a cherry-limeade, and quietly listens to me bawl over the phone for an entire conversation. all those pregnancy hormones haven't helped a dang thing, but family, and the gospel that binds us together, really does. Seriously, not sure where I'd be without either. And now, because baby craves and mommy caves, I will make apple pie to go with the tacos we had for linner. It's better than the sprinkle cupcakes Claire keeps asking for, right?


Skus said...


Totally healthy.

Joseph and Katie said...

thats what i told myself. as that was the only thing i ate for about 20 hours. 5/6 of pie- gone. by me. whoops.