my new get-things-done device

elmo dvd's! we finally decided on getting claire some elmo dvd's for her b-day. she LOVES watching vidoes on youtube, but she also tries to destroy the computer.... so now she can watch them on tv! and i can get some things done. because her three hour nap each day is NOT long enough for me to do it all. i PROMISE to use this sparingly. at least she gets up and dances when its on!
{FYI- here are the reasons why i cannot get it all done
1-she HATES anything that makes loud noises like the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, etc.
2-i cannot get things in the dishwasher without her grabbing a knife.
3-going through ANYTHING with paper (bills, coupons, magzines, books, you name it) cannot be done- paper is her favorite and will eat it.
4-i can't sweep or mop- she grabs either the mop and/or broom, or the dirt being swept up.
5-she can climb onto the table now.
6-i can't take a shower when she is awake- she wants in!
7-the high chair only lasts so long, and picking up the cheerios gets really old, really fast.
and there are plenty more. so glad grammy is here to help out with her for a few weeks!}


Bethany and Scott said...

In order for me to get a shower in when Lily was Claire's age, I used a baby gate at the bathroom door, that way she could still see where I was, but she couldn't get into the shower :-) Good luck!

Yaya said...

It was a good thing that Rick was around a lot when my group was little! I definitely feel your pain! I wish I was around to help! Give her kisses from Yaya!

John, Steph, Jackson and Baron said...

that sounds pretty familiar with what I experience everyday with my little guy... they sure make it hard to get anything else done, but they are a lot of fun! Happy Belated Birthday to Claire!