a year of claire

claire turned one yesterday! it was a great day because her grammy flew in just to see her on her birthday! she came with plenty of surprises, and is definitely one spoiled little girl. she is loved by so many- here, north carolia, illinois, brazil, and everywhere in between. she was a trooper with all the driving! she attatched right back onto 'grammy' and would not leave her side yesterday. i made a rather sad attempt at making her an elmo cake yesterday, and she did not enjoy it very much! i made it with sprinkles on it, and as soon as she got it on her hands decided to fling it around trying to get the sprinkles off. oh well.....

maybe next year she will get all into it.... anyways. she is just the best little buddy to have around! no matter what she does, everyone just thinks shes adorable. which is great.... i think! i think shes adorable, and i love that i get to spend every day with her. i feel like shes not a baby anymore though- she just acts too old! i love my little claire!


Nichole said...

so cute! and i still have that card with the dress info... my mom is just trying to get me to shop around a little more first. but it's still my favorite! :)

and question, do you guys get commission? if so, when i buy it i want to tell them you helped me. thanks!

Joseph and Katie said...

we get comission kinda.... definitely if i'm not here when you come in let them know i helped ya!

feel free to shop around a little- i think sometimes it just helps solidify things! if you need some professional opinions, i would be MORE than happy to help. i LOVE looking at wedding dresses :)

Yaya said...

Cute Claire! I loved the pics...there were plenty I hadn't seen before. We love you guys!