its good to be alive

it has been a heck of a week. wanna hear about it?

Sunday- claire decides jumping off of the pew at church would be good. hits her mouth-blood all over joe.

wednesday- joe decides to (accidentaly) bust his ankle playing volleyball. bad sprain, crutches necessary.

thursday- claire manages to open a bottle of motrin, dump it out and gets a few pills in her mouth. got them all out, shes fine.

PLUS, i've been having some strange back spasms that keep me up for hours at night... ugh i don't want to go into detail about that, but basically i didn't get ANY sleep last night with those and claire deciding she wanted to get up at 2 and 6...

so nothing could really go wrong today, right? sooooo wrong. i have also spent the entire week deep cleaning the house getting ready for my momma to come next week (extra launday, carpet cleaning, etc. etc.) got the house looking pretty good and smelling alright. tonight i came home, did a little more cleaning, then got claire all dressed up for a little trick-or-treating, threw some meat on the stove for some dinner for when we got back, and headed down the street. the whole time i just had a feeling like i wanted to get back but ignored it, because claire was doing well figuring out how to knock on the doors and say bye to everyone. we finally went home, walked up the driveway, heard some strange beeps, opened the door and smoke came pouring out. more confused than panicked, i ran in, ducking under the smoke to find out what was smoking. oh. the meat on the stove. great. no flames, okay get it off the heat. open doors- get that beeping to stop! no- get the windows open first, then worry about beeping. oh and get those fans on. the alarm- the alarm! we are lucky enough to have 3 smoke detectors, 2 of which are connected to the fire department. ugh, i REALLY don't want the fire department here....

anyways joe managed to cancel the fire department, but protocol makes them still check out the situation, so we heard the truck coming, then they turned off the sirens, and pulled right up. they were super nice, checked everything out, and left. since dinner was ruined and uh, the house still stinks, wendy's made us dinner.
here's the kicker- the meat was not cooked all the way through! after smoke in the house, completely black pan, under cooked meat! and now the entire house- carpet, furniture, clothes, etc., all stink like burned meat. yuck.
all in all, i'm glad to be getting an extra hour of sleep tonight. and that we are all safe, and house is intact. here's to a better day at church tomorrow.


Yaya said...

So sorry for your week! Claire is so cute in her cowgirl outfit! Sounds like you had a lot of blessings mixed with your trials. I hope you have a better week. We love you all.

Richard said...

Without professional help you may be in trouble. No, I'm not talking psycological, but help on the odor. My Dad said to put some vinegar on the stove and let it just simmer, not boil. Research this out. Joseph may work with someone who has an ozone machine. Good luck this week. Papa

Cristy said...

Here's a big hug! XXXXXOOOOOO!!

(So that's where you guys were going last night...)

Jill said...

Claire is soooo adorable in that outfit! Is it bad to say your life entertains me? (only because everyone turns out okay of course, with the exception of small scrapes and busted ankles)