–verb (used with object)
to utter or pronounce (words, sentences, etc.), esp. in an articulate or a particular manner: He enunciates his words distinctly.
to state or declare definitely, as a theory.
to announce or proclaim: to enunciate one's intentions.
–verb (used without object)
to pronounce words, esp. in an articulate or a particular manner.

i guess that we need to do that a little more in our family....
last night joe was trying to open my door for me in the parking lot and the car was parked a little close to another car. i smiled as he tried to squeeze in between without touching the other car and said 'think skinny thoughts!' and got in and closed the door. he gave me a rather puzzled look as he walked around and was worried i had offended him for a moment.
'thanksdoing box {is what i heard}... what did you mean by that?'
'what? where did that come from, thanksdoing box?'
'no, why did you say thanksgiving sauce?!?!'
'thanksgiving sauce? no, think skinny thoughts!'
and then commenced uncontrollable laughter for about 20 minutes

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Shellie said...

Hmmmmm......this sounds like conversations we have many times every guys are WAY to young for that!