kinda boring

i'm just not that into fall, and i guess that is showing through on here. i like the whole pumpkins, halloween, holidays thing, but i just don't like being cold. i hate long sleeves, shoes, and how i feel in coats and sweaters (like i put on twenty pounds). i just like being warm in a t shirt and flip-flops, pool time, and driving around with the windows down.

and so, i promise to try and find some things to post on here..... and this is what i have so far.

the sick thing struck our house pretty hard the last few weeks, but none more than claire. she got hit with double ear infections, and a likely case of strep throat and swine flu (it has been going around our neighborhood). the first couple of days it was rather pathetic. all she wanted to do was sleep in our arms, and be held. kinda sad. she then lost her voice, making it even more pathetic. not gonna lie- it was kinda nice being able to ignore her tantrums because i couldn't hear anything! she bounced back faster than i thought possible, and she makes us laugh more than ever.

day one- 103 degree fever- but nothing can stop her watching her fave- ELMO!

this is what i had for 3 days. so sad.

trying to be funny/i get bored/we kinda like watching the office, we had a little wedding reception for jim and pam when they got married. it looks disgusting, but this cake was GOOD.

claire is almost a year old and i can hardly believe it! she makes us laugh so much sometimes it gives me a headache. she is a little monkey, and i can't imagine loving her more. she can be a handful sometimes (read- church is getting kinda hard) but she is pure joy. she is so close to the spirit, and i always joke about how she has things to do in this life, but its the truth. oh claire, you make us laugh!
i guess this was the most comfortable position to drink the bottle in?
i dunno, she insisted on drinking it this way

we are just kinda plugging along right now, getting through school, work, church, and enjoying every minute together. my absolute favorite is waking up and bringing claire into bed with us and we just kinda snuggle together and laugh.
i can't wait for the next few weeks- halloween! can't wait to dress claire up. my mom is flying in for claire's first birthday in a week and a half and then staying here for when my brother gets married and then through thanksgiving. i'm so excited to have someone to hang out with during the day while joe is gone at school and work! and my dad and sister are flying in, too. its a party!it'll be so sad to have everyone here without my little brother.... 22 more months!


Yaya said...

She looks so pitiful sick :( So Sad! I am glad she is all better, even with all the craziness. (Notice I can say that since I live so far away). Kisses from Yaya

grant + brittany said...

i can't believe she got all three of those things at the same time! geez! poor girl. glad she's all better.

Jill said...

that cake was really good....