my little obsession

i have a confession about my passion: i LOVE to read, more than most other things in the world. this last semester, and any other semester, i have to put aside this passion for reading to focus on school work. if i dont force myself to do this, i would never get anything done sometimes, and if i do read a novel, i go through a real guilt trip for not reading a textbook. so, during this break, i have allowed myself to fall into the twilight series. everyone and their mothers have read it, raved about it, and blogged about it, and i am disapointed in myself for not reading it until now. i read the first one on our cruise, but had zero time and didnt get the other ones until now. and they have been haunting me. my poor husband has had to put up with me for a few days while i read though the first and second one, and i cant read the third one until the plane ride home :( its been torture i tell you. i think about the books, and try and guess what the next one will bring. i am excited about the movie, and for the other books that follow. anyways. thats my little venting, and i have just two more days til i get sucked into them for a few more hours!

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