why am i blogging at 7 in the am? because im at school with nothin' better to do. joseph and i have early classes this semester, and its starting to kill me. yesterday he had one at 8, and today it is at 7, so here i am waiting for my 8 o'clock. oh, and i will be here til 8 tonight. being at school for more than an hour BEFORE the sun rises stinks people. but thats a sacrafice we gotta make this time around. it is a strange thing to be here when the custodians are still vacuuming. and washing the carpets. wish me luck.


Porter Family said...

ummm...if you are up and dressed and bored by 7 am, you need to get a LIFE!! Just kidding. We had the real Elpheba for our performance. She was amazing. Seriously amazing. I had chills almost the entire time, especially for "Defying Gravity". I would say as good as Idina Menzel (the original).

Porter Family said...

love your new haircut!