labor day

we spent some of the weekend staying in my brother's FIANCE's (yes, finally my brother is engaged!) family cabin up in the mountains. it was so nice to just get out of provo for a little bit and enjoy some pretty surroundings! we had tin foil dinners, played some games, explored on the ATV, and just hung out. claire was her usual self, mostly happy, but was having a hard time sleeping... no naps and had to sleep with us. oh well....

the happy couple! we are so excited for them!
so this was funny: claire has been a little, er, extra monsterish lately. she has four teeth coming in on top, so i guess thats to be expected (she finally cut one yesterday...) on top of that she has been particularly funny about going down for naps and bed time after having a nightmare one night (we think...) shes been very defiant, very 'i'm gonna do what i want' attitude. we were driving home after running a bunch of errands yesterday and she yelped at me like something was wrong, but nothing was. by the time we got home, claire was totally out. she did not want to nap, and her face seems to show it! to me it looks like she kept saying to herself 'i will not go to sleep, i will not go to sleep.....' but she was so out i managed to get her out of the carseat and upstairs and in the crib without a peep. thie NEVER happens. she does NOT like to be moved when she sleeps!

yeah i know... needs a new carseat. she has for about a month. shes in the 95% for height. its on the list


Vindie said...

I love the first picture of you guys! Man I wish we lived closer!!! Miss your face! Claire is so stinkin cute!!

Yaya said...

She is so all toddler's are....when they sleep! Give her lots of hugs and kisses from Yaya.