what a mean mom am i?

i guess she was more tired than i thought? she was drinking her bottle where she normally does before her nap, and the next thing i knew she was gone. she usually finishes then comes over to me and lets me know shes done. not today.... which is funny because she has a hard time sleeping there normally- i can't put her down. she only sleeps in her crib! whatever.

just for kicks heres a little extra proof my child is a monster: she grew an inch in less than a month. at 10 months shes wearing 18 month clothes. and she wears size 5 shoes! sheesh. she is allllll her daddy.


Yaya said...

She is SOOOO big! I want to give her a big squeeze! She looks so sweet, laying there so peaceful. I realize that isn't what you get to see often! Give her lots of kisses from Yaya.

Jeannette & Brandt said...

She is adorable! She looks so small in that big bean bag! I just want to snuggle her!

Vindie said...

I love Claire! She is so steenking cute!! I miss your face.