only a sister

going through some pictures today and found this one from when we went home for the reception/last fam time for two years/marsh's farewell etc. weekend, and i love it for what it is.

{we sat and just took pictures of ourselves for ten minutes while my mom was cleaning the carpet at around 11 at night, and we could NOT get one we were satisfied with, and somehow ended up on the floor like this.}

i was thinking about how the relationship you have between sisters is completely different than any relationship. and i totally love it. anyways.... just wanted to say thanks to linds for always stepping in and helping out whenever i need it!


Mom and Sarah said...

Only my girls take pictures of themselves for 10 minutes...while their mom does the cleaning around them!! And they use my camera!! Alas, I'm glad you're good friends and maybe I've done something right!

Bonnie said...

I agree. Me and my sis, liz are the same way! Best Friends for life!

LinnieBell said...

dearest mom,
remember how we begged to clean the carpets, but you had a certain way that you wanted them cleaned so you wouldn't let us help? (i think it was even my idea to clean the carpets while the furniture was moved out!) what else were we to do except takes pictures??
love, linds