my little sweet

oh how i love my little sweet claire. we got her one year old pictures today. she did so well, as tired, runny-nosed, and bored with the whole thing as she was!

before you wonder what is going on with the pink fairy/ballerina/pj's thing you need to be informed that my mom would buy my sisters and me these nightgowns every year from mormon handicraft. they were made of the same silky stuff, had a robe, and lace- we loved them. my mom found this and thought claire had to have one. i think she looks like a mischevious little fairy in it! and i think its great.
we brought in the quilt her ya-ya made. love it.

she is currently trying to figure out how to jump. its hilarious.

her giraffe toy from ya-ya. she scoots around all the time.

she is ALWAYS putting her hands behind her head. such a babe.
i love her.

thanks for taking us grammy! claire loves ya as much as she loves us i think, and her heart is so big, i don't mind. i love grammy too.


Yaya said...

They are so cute! Thanks for posting them and give her a big kiss from Yaya! I love the nightgown and I agree...she does look like a fairy princess!

Laura said...

She is BEAUTIFUL. really BEAUTIFUL. I love her...she has changed SO MUCH lately! WOW! I love the hair too..with the little flip in the back...what a precious age, precious pictures, and a precious mama!

Jill said...

these pics are incredible! Such a beautiful girl (and no i'm not just biased because she's my niece :)

John, Steph, Jackson and Baron said...

REALLY cute pictures!! They turned out great! I love this age!

Vindie said...

YOu have a beautiful child and these pictures made me infinity more bummed I am not going to meet her this week...someday I will!