how to frustrate your parents

by Claire Brewer

1. climb the chairs and get on the kitchen table, over, and over, and over again.
2. when they pull you down and spank you, cry for a second like it actually hurt, then climb up again.
3. when they put the chairs in the family room on their sides, climb on those then fall and cry because you got hurt.
4. when they stand in the way of the table, run around the other way, trying to be sneaky.
5. try and be cute and funny when you are really misbehaving, saying "hi" and nodding like its cute or something. (it really is. but stop trying to get us to forget what we're talking about!)

claire, i love you! you are too smart! i just want you to be safe. please stop climbing on the table.

love, mommy

ps- while i am frustrated that you have a fascination with climbing on the table, i am very happy you learned your lesseon that the christmas tree hurts when you grab at it.


Yaya said...

I have heard about people tying the chairs together, under the table, so they can't pull them out. Sorry you got that gene pool.....the daddy was quite the climber. I think I did ask for him to have payback...sorry about that. Less than 2 weeks and I will chase her around for you.

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