you know it was bad when....

my visiting teacher stops by after church and asks if everything is okay. is everything okay? yeah, why? oh did i look tired or something?..... lets recap, shall we?

it was great until my former book of mormon teacher came up and asked how i was doing (right before church started. the good lasted all of about two minutes). we've been in the ward for... almost TWO YEARS and he never realized i was the one who made the mistake of scheduling the class for 2 p.m. and sleeping through nearly every class and barely getting a passing grade. until today. how are you sister bowerman, i mean brewer? yeah, that wasn't totally embarassing. he claims he doesn't remember me (joe told him about it. i recognized him the first day of church and almost walked back out. thats how embarassed i was.) did i mention that his WIFE is my VT companion now?

that was nothing. really, it was the rest of it that got to me. yep. i was tired. and so was claire. neither of us slept last night. and she wouldn't take a nap at church. and she kept messing her diaper. and would not. sit. still. for two seconds. and wanted to run and jump and talk and scream and show how cute she is. and bang on the piano and fall off chairs, kick off her shoes, and then steal a candy cane from a young woman, start eating it and then freaking out when she realized her hands were sticky. was i on the verge of tears or screaming at claire every other minute? you betcha.

all of this would be solved very, very easily. i can see the answer. taste it in the air. feel it everywhere around me.

but alas, we have FIVE MORE LONG MONTHS before she can go to nursery.

the worst is that i know a lot of people with kids who have a reeeeaallllly hard time with nursery. claire would handle it better than the 3 year olds. shes pretty attatched to me at the moment, but give her room to romp and shes a happy girl!

i try and enjoy church. promise. we take books, snacks, bottles, i pay attention to her, but its just not enough anymore. the girl has more energy than a nuclear bomb. i know that because it looks like one went off on our pew each sunday after sacrament.

may 3, 2010, you cannot get here any faster.

next week will be better. it will be better because we will be in joe's home ward with extra hands to help. joe's home ward won't know what hit them. maybe we'll just tell everyone shes 18 months and stick her in nursery there?

done venting.


The Grahams said...

oh man, I am having deja vu reading this thinking about Jackson at that age... he was abosolutely crazy too and would not nap at all either at church... I hated seeing all the other kids his age sitting on their parents lap playing with a quiet toy, or sound asleep in their parents arms- there was no way that was happening for us! The hardest is definitely the months right before nursery. Hang in there!!

Yaya said...

If you saw how crazy our nursery is....we have 18 (18-2) year olds, you won't want to send her...but I will keep her so you can go to Sunday School and RS and I will even keep her during Sacrament. So you get two weeks of being able to is that! And I promise, I had several Claire's are married to one of them. Love, Yaya

The Real Sugarbear said...

Not sure what to say. Potential responses
1)Hee hee! Payback! Karma!
2)Been there, done that
3)So if you think you're going to get any sympathy from your mom...
4)So sorry
5)How can we help?
6)It will be over before you know it
7)Send Claire to live with us

Laura said...

Maybe we should just skip church while you are here? With YOURS and MINE...they might throw us out for being IRREVERENT...


This post makes me want to live close to you. LIke next door. Well, maybe not next door...but super close. I can't wait to get my hands on that wild girl, and my eyes on you!

Less than a week!
the OLD, WISE, and KNOWLEDGEable sister in law Laura...(shhh, don't laugh. Just nod here...)

Cristy said...

Hahaha! Yes, May, please come!! (Who was your BOM teacher?)