are. you. kidding.

GAH! i felt like pulling my hair out when we went to target yesterday. you know why? it was BARELY half way through july and they had their back-to-school junk out already! (yep i said junk) what? it. is. barely. flipping. JULY. why is anyone thinking about back-to-school? we are just getting settled into the hot weather (which now is everyone's favorite thing to complain about. get over it- you live in the desert!) and they go and do this. just couldn't believe it.

that's my rant for today. sorry we are not more exciting.

oh, and just so you know, sheep and goats in utah moo. no joke. come over and we'll go for a walk down the street and find some. ask my mom if you don't believe me. so its kind of confusing to teach claire to baaaaa and mooooo, when the animals all kinda end up sounding the same.


LinnieBell said...

wait. a. minute.

you were at target yesterday, too?

i was there, too!

i kinda freaked out about the school ish, too. i didn't like seeing it all. too early.

and i'm lovin' me some hot weather. i just wish i could be outside more!

love you. love claire. love joe-joe.

love, me.

Mom and Sarah said...

Sarah's school registration packet came in the mail yesterday, and yes, I was a bit caught off-guard! We still have way too much summer left, but sure is going fast! There's hot and then there's humid-hot...get ready for the humid-hot Linz! Miss you all!!