i feel like i have blogging tons lately, but i keep missing some big things. like claire's bday bash.... was so fun! we kept it really low key, invited a few of her friends over for some cake and ice cream and just let them all run around for a little while. exactly perfect for miss claire! we had balloons everywhere, a definite must with her :) my mom always made whatever cake we wanted for our birthdays, and my favorite was usually red velvet. so i wanted to make the real deal for claire, and i let her help me. it takes a LOT of red food coloring, so i made the whole cake and used most of all the bottles. i had left one with just a little left it in, and when we were making the frosting claire dumped the rest of the red into the just finished, perfectly white frosting! couldn't have red frosting on a red cake, so we dumped some blue in and we had purple frosting, to go along with the minnie mouse purple/pink stuff. she loved it!
she was SO happy she got to have happy birthday sung to her again. might have been her favorite part even.
and since it was her birthday, we let her do pretty much whatever she wanted that day. including eating ice cream with her hands.... yep it was messy! what we do for our kiddies.....

the next day she was EXHAUSTED. she had a second nap after her one nap.
the curlers don't do much more to her already curly hair, but i am making her have them in every so often so she is used to them. she hates it. naturally.
she goes crazy over the camera, wants to see the pictures as soon as we take them. i look sick, but this is typical claire!
what i walked into the other day. joe had just come home, and claire would NOT leave him alone. she LOOOOOVES her daddy, maybe more than me sometimes! she pretty much thinks he is the best jungle gym.
i. did. not. teach. her. this. REPEAT. this is NOT my doing. the blamed will not be named to protect any unwanted scolding.


i think it is really funny, and cute, and caleb seemed to also think it was fun.

cutest baby ever. i can't get enough of his smiles.


Yaya said...

What cuties.....I love Claire's hair when it turns under around her face. I wonder if a certain "boy" I know and raised was the one that taught her to put Caleb in the doll stroller.....sounds like something he would do. I love your blogs, BTW.

Joseph said...

Excuse me I am not the one who did this. I will name names since my wife won't... It was all Lindsay. She is the culprit behind Caleb being in the little stroller.