i love my kids, i promise. they are just funny little munchkins. its great!

its been crazy busy for us lately.... is it ever not? diaper changing alone takes up half my day. we tried potty training claire, but after getting her to sit on the potty for an hour and a half (major accomplishment there) without so much as an inkling to go we gave that up. we'll try again later. so much for the signs that she's ready. she is as stubborn as her mother.

just for kicks- caleb and his twinner friend. they were both wearing the same onsie under the sweatshirts. they just sit (not caleb- he is a lazy bum) and squawk at each other and high five. makes us mothers proud. and neither of them were having the camera. cutie patooties.

off to make a UGE mess. i'll let you know how that goes.

quick question: does anyone live somewhere with a nice HOA? ours is rude, inconsiderate, and posts notices on our doors the same day our water is being turned off, then gets mad when we don't see said notices and call wondering why we have no water. or tells us they put notices on the boards, which they didn't. GAH! as my friend said, i didn't want to shower anyway.


Yaya said...

Caleb reminds me of Claire in the picture with the red jacket! I want to hold him!!!!!!

CaraNathan said...

that's my kid! they look so cute. I love this post. LOL. You are funny.