its a christmas miracle!

oh how excited i am to be home for chirstmas this year!!! little "miracles" have been happening since yesterday:

mom's present was in my hands at the very last possible moment
the stand-still two hour delay on the freeway was headed the opposite direction we needed to go
we all made it on time
joe didn't get arrested at the security check point
flights took off and landed basically on time
snow storm waited til we got here


its snowing now! my dad has been waiting 55 YEARS for a white christmas, and the snow fairies have FINALLY granted his wish. :)

this just might be one of the best christmases ever. so many, many blessings. so much to be grateful for.

we just went to see the cirque du soleil holiday show and it was fab-u-lous. had a yummy breakfast. on the schedule for tonight:

traditional dinner
talent show
minute-to-win-it games
christmas stories

and general good cheer. or "use of the christmas spirit" if you're lindsay. :) off to eat my pre-dinner burrito. oh, the joy. merry christmas all!


Joseph said...

for those wondering, it's never good to try and smuggle a large knife onto an airplane. luckily the security people were nice and let me mail it home.

Yaya said...

I am glad all is going well. Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the goodies and we love and miss you all.
Love, Yaya