hanging with the crazies

today i was thinking about how much i missed my kids, and they were sitting right there. i wanted to just squeeze them and kiss their chubby cheeks and hold them for hours after they fell asleep. they frustrate the heck out of me every once in a while, but it makes me love them even more.

saturday i spent some time with lindsay without the kiddos, and intended to go to the store before going home (since going without kids is such a luxury) but had some other things on my mind and completely forgot. after getting home, i let joe nap for a bit with the bubbers and brought claire to the store with me, since she was in a really, really good mood. i am so, so glad i did. the lucky girl got a balloon, and i am here to tell you, listening to her giggle in the car on the way home made me so, so happy i shed a little tear. something so simple made her so happy, it was like christmas morning happy. 

some days are really hard. some days joe leaves before i get up, and then he is home hours and hours after i want to go to bed. some days i wonder what the heck i am doing, this is not how i imagined things. but a moment like that made it worth it, a thousand times over. for 100 horrible, awful, exhausting, embarrassing, dreadful trips to the grocery store with screaming kids, i will take that one trip just to hear her laugh and giggle and smile like that again. 

feel free to give opinions about the hair still. (thanks for all the comments! keep them coming!)

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Skus said...

I love hearing about your experiences with Claire and Caleb. Sometimes being a parents seems super scary and hard, but I'm glad to know that it's definitely worth it in the end. And I like your hair short. If it's easier for you, go for it. Short hair makes my life so much harder, but you do look older with the short hair cut. In a good way.