little rant

its sunday, so maaaaybe i should be more uplifting, but i just gotta get this out.

let me just first say that i am a freak about being on time. like if i was ocd about anything, its about being on time for everything. i don't care what it is. my motto is if you are on time, you are late, because i hate (almost as much as spiders) being late. it drives me up the wall and gives me anxiety. like really bad. sweaty hands, heart racing, i start panicking, yelling at everyone else, you get the picture. like was the first person to get to seminary at 6:13 for two years (when i was driving) straight. 

so.... when the chain reaction of everyone's classes getting out late at church happens, i kind of freak out. like when sacrament meeting runs over, then sunday school runs over, then relief society runs over... well it all kind makes me batty. (this is because everyone has to say everything that they want to say, because their meeting is the most important meeting in church. of course.) because then i end being that obnoxious parent that doesn't come and get their kid out of nursery until everyone else is gone and the leaders are sitting there just waiting, and my kid is bouncing off the wall. i HATE being that person. 

anyways... everyone has their thing, right? my is being on time. it drives me crazy. so when there is a perfect opportunity for each meeting to go on time, and then ONE meeting runs more than a little late causing the meeting i REALLY need to be on time to start has to start late, i am a little put out. i really, really wish i could change how i am about this, but i really just can't. but i'm working on at least trying to cool it.

so... if you are ever the victim of one of my freak out moments because something is happening late, i sincerely apologize. 

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