It's a funny thing

Times and seasons. I keep reminding myself lately- times and seasons for everything. Not right now, I whisper to myself, frequently. Or, glad that one is over with, i yell in my head. Sometimes, I reflect on a past 'life'. I think of all the different places we lived as an individual 'life'. Revisiting those lives is sometimes fun, and sometimes painful. I leave the painful ones alone, mostly. It's a funny thing-I told my mom today that I feel like I am living a different life without Claire bear while she visits Texas. A different world, era, whatever you want to call it. My head sometimes spins when 'worlds' or whatever collide, and people from those places overlap. It's a funny thing, I usually think of how small, insignificant I am to everyone else's lives. But then sometimes I realize, maybe not so much, maybe there was a bigger mark left. And today I decided I need to start leaving things better. I am not so good at leaving people better than I found them. I am pretty terrible at it, really. Does that make sense? Probably not. It's a funny thing, my head. It all makes sense up there.

bubba chunk is funny, too. My face is rather hideous though. But I decided I don't care. He can be cute enough for the two of us.

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