Ode to Provo

A late night ode to 'Provo'lone.
We met on a beautiful summers day, not knowing what the next 6.5 years would hold. 
It became center stage for much of my life's major events.
But most importantly, it taught. Despite the frozen tundra, the bizarre culture, and my own stubbornness, I learned love. 

I learned love in forms I didn't know existed, found love for those I didn't think possible, strengthened love in places I didn't know needed it, and created love, for 3 little people I love beyond the moon and back, a million times over.

It is here in P-town I fulfilled my life's dreams up to that point. And now I see how much better life can continue to become, and so it taught me to keep on dreaming.

Oh Provo. Perhaps you know more secrets than you let on. How can one so disenchanted become so attached? You make it extremely difficult to get over you.

It is here that the tightly-intertwined Mormon world gets tangled up into bigger knots that seems to forever get messier. And those happy coincidences put me right where I am.

You sneaky little happy valley. I hope you continue to stay the same, and be the place for my children (because that is the dream every BYU couple has for their offspring!) that you were for me: the background for some completely life-altering experiences.

Thanks Provo! And sayonara! (Uh, shoot. I think that's Japanese? Somebody look up Chinese for good-bye) it's been real. Now, it's time for warmer weather, and new adventures. We'll see ya on the flip side.

Oh and that's my little man. He had a pretty rough day, I will bet anybody he will be up by 4 am, seeing as he crashed on me around 6:30. Yippee! 

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Savanna said...

I really like that. A lot! I love that Provo was so good to the Bowerman/Brewer clan and that you have such a pretty family to show for all of your hard work during the last 7ish years. So glad I caught a glimpse of the beginning!