Here's the thing.
I'm a little tired of this blog. Are you feeling the same way?
But, I'm not done blogging. 
So, maybe I'll put something else together and we'll have fun figuring this thing out.
I love blogs- getting glimpses into other people's lives, staying connected, learning things!
But we are still unpacking, finding places for things. How did we get so many things??? And where did all those toys come from? So patience, all 3 readers. We'll get it back. Soon! For now, enjoy my little Evie cakes. I really, really wish I could bottle her up right now. On the move, but NOT WALKING, hallelujah! She is so stinking cute, best giggles, always happy. Stop growing little miss!


Yaya said...

She is a cutie! Think of unpacking as a big puzzle and give yourself a prize if you figure it all out! Don't stop bloggin, because a Yaya needs to see some glimpses of her California folks.

Bethany and Scott said...

Totally understand the unpacking thing, it seemed to take forever after we made our big move (especially since the Navy moved us and the movers wrapped everything in a ton of paper - which is good for fragile things, but not the junk drawer stuff :-) ). Glad you guys are safe and sound!!

Vindie said...

Where are you friend?!?!? I need blog updates!! Hope everything is going well!