Taking a hiatus

I'll be back. And soon.
It's like, the first time in five years we are packing up our life and skipping town for a new adventure.
And it's the first time we know we aren't moving back. Probably ever.
But really, I am excited. My mom is not, but like she said, I must be more adventurous than her. 
And that's the truth. I have always wanted to see the world, see what's beyond my little bubble.
The kids are so excited to be with daddy, explore beaches, and leave the bitter cold behind. 
Me, too.
Mixed emotions, of course. We've been here five years! All my babies were born here, they all came home to the same house. Joseph and I met and started our life together here. My entire family is now here. How could this not be bitter sweet? 
And there I go, the tears are building up, so I will leave it at that, and say:
Thank you Utah. You meant more to me than i would have guessed. Ever.
But peace out snow.  We'll visit again. Someday. 

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Yaya said...

As a kid we moved a lot and as an adult we didn't. So it will be interesting to see how many of my kids end up being the travelers! Think about all the technology that will keep you connected to people no matter where you are. I know a certain man who will be happy to be with his family! Hugs and kisses to you all as start on this next adventure.