exhibit b

exhibit a was the not-so-good.

exhibit b was the excellent. because the dining was less than formal, we let claire kind of do her own thing, which meant dancing, singing, twirling and running around to her hearts content. (almost. we kept her out of the bathrooms.)

she was particularly enthralled with the gaming machines, and the music coming from those. she was the entertainment for many of the other diners, and one special couple took a liking to her. as they were leaving, an older gentleman stopped and played the claw game to see if he could win a stuffed animal. he was pretty good, and managed to score a large minnie mouse doll, which he promptly handed over to claire, who started squealing with delight, and walked out with a smile on his face.

i may have been crying because i was laughing so hard, and maybe a little bit because i could not get over how kind that stranger was to my sweet claire.

there could not have been any other toy in the world that she could have wanted more.


minnie mouse is her absolute fave. and that guy had no idea. or maybe he did. maybe thats the point?

whatever it was, it was a good time. tomato omelette and all.


Yaya said...

See, there is kindness...and a Minnie to prove it! I am glad you have had fun with your Mom.

Bruce and Brittany said...

LOVE your hair!!