they are the bane of claire's existence. for real. maybe more of mine with her- just because she is so INTO everything right now, and airports are a world of other people's stuff for her to get discover. she will make friends with ANYONE who will smile at her, especially those who will share their french fries :) enter moving walk-ways: what we spend the entirety of our waiting time playing on. i'm sure there are signs warning us not to let kids play on them, but i would much rather ignore those and avoid the screaming for an hour.

more about nc to come. i am glad to be home. it was seriously miracle after miracle that we were able to make it with no delays. flights got switched, all baggage made it, never stood in line behind more than one person, the snow stopped in utah, we had a row on the plane to ourselves... i think the Lord was watching over us. i would like to say this though: the security at the raleigh airport is a disaster. while joe was having his boarding pass checked another lady walked right past the guard. she was pretty impatient, even though we were the ONLY ones in line. and then they forgot to check our bottles of milk- we had to remind them twice. whatev. the mountains never looked as good as they did yesterday!


Yaya said...

We so appreciate the sacrifice of time, money, and sanity come spend 2 weeks with us! It was wonderful to have you here and spend time together. Claire is adorable and you guys are doing a wonderful job as parents. Enjoy "home".

The Real Sugarbear said...

Dorothy had it right: there's no place like home!