at least its over.

just thought i'd share my delightful experience from last night. claire charmed everyone on the plane, fell asleep like an angel, and sat on my lap quietly. ha. no. not my child.

flight #1 went by quickly, no problems. flight #2 was to take off at 4:30, and she still hadn't had a nap. i decided it was time, so i bundled her up and she screamed. bloody murder. and then crashed. ahhh 45 minutes of bliss.... should've known better. an hour and a half later she started to feel wet so i jumped up and headed as quickly as possible to the back of the plane because the front was occupied, and we all know that there is to be no congregating at the front of the plane. i begged my way to the front of the line at the back, only to find out that bathroom is changing-table free. WHAT? i have to go back to my seat and wait and hope i make it to the bathroom faster than anyone else, meanwhile i can feel it spreading, down the legs, up the back, and now all over me.... the stench was becoming overwhelming. it was all i could do to hold it in. we finally get in the 1-foot by 1-foot space and i strip her down. the damage is worse than expected. the flight attendant handed me three garbage bags, and then a fourth to double bag both the garbage and the clothes. 20 minutes of wipes and paper towels, peeing everywhere because she got cold, and refusing to look at myself in the mirror so i could avoid seeing the horror i reluctantly went back to our seat. i would have preffered to stay in the stall and wait til everyone left, but the last time a guy stayed in the bathroom for an hour he almost got arrested. red-faced i brought her back in nothing but a diaper, got her jacket on her and held the tears back. i still stunk to high-heaven, but there was nothing to be done. by that point we had started the descent, and she hadn't been drinking or sucking on her binky. the screaming commenced. the lady next to me tried to convince me that the only person it was bugging was me, but i am very well aware that screaming on a tiny airplane is a pleasant experience for no one. we landed, i fairly ran to the baggage claim, and then was almost hysterical when my mom asked if the jacket was all i had. no blanket? nope- that one is covered in orange juice she spilled earlier. she got my jacket while we ran through the cold 22 degrees to the car. and then i sighed when i walked in my parent's home, sat in my dad's coveted leather recliner, and he laid a warm, fuzzy electric blanket over me while watching the biggest loser, making it all worth it.

sorry to share the gross- but it has a point. looking back i just have to laugh. as i was washing the clothes this morning- incredibly grateful for washing machines to finish cleaning all that yuck- i turned to my mom and said "the things we do as mothers!" i wouldn't have it any other way. it makes me love claire even more. and made me even more grateful to my mom. funny how it happens. ya know?


Yaya said...

I cried for you Katie! I have been in similar situations and you just don't think they will end, and usually I was so exhausted I could hardly function! I am glad you made it. Relax and enjoy.
It IS amazing the things we do for our children....even still.

Vindie said...

Ahhhh! I'm so sorry! Thank goodness you have your parent's home to make it all worth the craziness! You are such a great mom! Hope you have fun at in St. Louis!

John, Steph, Jackson and Baron said...

It's always everything at once in the worse possible situation. I feel SO bad for you... that sounded horrifying. Good thing you've learned to laugh about it already!