oh how i LOVE this little pill. she is all energy, nonstop, and a ball of fun. she is cheesy and hilarious, and will put a smile on ANYONE'S face. she is into everything, and while its a total pain, i love how incredibly smart she is, and that she just wants to discover the world around her. she reminds me to be patient, and to hang on a minute while we enjoy the moment. i can't get enough of how she dances to everything. she always stands up and conducts the music at church, and shakes her little bum to good music. she is finally growing some taste buds, and her most favorite thing in the world is pickles from grandpa- she goes crazy for them! claire is not a huge snuggle bug, but she has her moments when she wants to be held, and i savor it. i can't get enough of the pull she has on my parents- its like they become young parents all over again as they watch her discover. oh and her GIGGLE! when she gets going, we do everything we can to hang on to that as much as possible. she has her little chuckle thats easy to get, but her giggle is just contagious. she is ticklish, just about everywhere. she is all girly, with her tutus and pink everything, but can stand up to any little boy. she loves playing rough with her daddy, and loves being outside in the sunshine, like her momma. she definitely has a sweet tooth, but loves the tang of citrus. like her momma, when its bedtime and her head hits the pillow, shes out like a light. she is a chatterbox. she'll talk your ears off if you let her. she'll carry on a conversation with you, and while it seems to make sense to her it is all just jibberish. she says "ummmm...." like its nobody's business. we talk all day long. we can't let her have remotes or phones because she has figured out that if she throws them on the floor, the batteries will come out and she can chew on those. {she did it to my dad's wireless mouse this morning- we were laughing pretty hard at that one} i don't think i understood what a joy a child could be for me. i have always wanted six kids (three boys, three girls, and including a set of twin girls- call me crazy but it seems perfect). if i can have five more kids that bring this much PURE JOY into the world, i think life would seriously be fantastic.

anyways. just a few thoughts about my little 'g-funk' that i had today. she can be shy sometimes (usually if shes tired), but at church this morning (morning church at my parent's ward=heaven) she just kept running from person to person smiling and saying hi. wish i was more outgoing like her!

we went to ihop with my dad- going crazy over a pickle

what a ham bone!

squity eyes, scrunched up nose. yup, thats us.

where she stands to have conversations with her daddy. it may look like a yelling match, and it kinda is, but its just plain funny to watch

too cool for school
{she absolutely LOVES being nakey. gotta have nakey time sometime during the day.}

lindsay's little buddy

visiting grandpa at work. all the ladies loved her!

grammy decided she needed to ride the merry-go-round. she loved it!

little rain gear outfit with her tu-tu. naturally.
{doesn't my mom look so young here?}

Love you bub-a-chub.


Yaya said...

I don't know if you know that my mother's maiden name is Ham. So she gets that "ham" business through the gene pull. I am glad you are having fun with your parents. I miss her cuteness!
Love ya,

Savanna said...

katie. i love you and miss you big time! this little girl is such a ham... i can't believe i haven't met her yet (over a year after the fact). let's be friends this year.