claire really wants a puppy

she flips out whenever she sees one, and just dances around with them. she does her own little woof woof, and gets crazy when there's one on tv or in a book. its quite hilarious.

but a puppy we did not get. and will not be getting any time soon. even though we both grew up with dogs, and i really love them a lot, its just not gonna happen. as happy as it would make claire, it would make me ten times unhappier trying to potty train a dog. and trying to keep the carpet clean- i have enough of that with trying to keep claire from ripping her diaper off and running free, and then cleaning it up. for now, the furby she is trying to kill have to do. but it is on its way out.

so. claire needs a new buddy. and as the giving and loving parents we are, we obliged.

baby #2 is due sometime in august!

we are really, really excited. we had an ultrasound this afternoon, saw the baby's heart beating, claire screamed the whole time, and we are happy. we would be thrilled with a boy or girl, but hoping for a boy- obviously for joe's sake. i feel awful, but surprisingly better than last time. food is disgusting, except for, once again, grapefruit. i'm really mostly exhausted, no matter how much i sleep. at least i'm sleeping, right?

the baby is the blog in the middle of the black- the head is the rounder, larger part :)

little baby was movin and groovin the whole time- we couldn't get a very good photo! we are really pretty stoked. i hate calling the baby an 'it' so this one shall be called little nugget. happy little nugget wiggling away.


Kyle and Nicky said...

Congrats! =)

Bonnie said...

YAY! another one! You brave woman! Congrats you guys!

Spencer and Erin said...

Wahoo!! I am so excited for you two!! And I am excited that we both told Lindsay the same weekend that we were preggers!!! haha..I think we almost gave her a heart attack!! When do you find out the sex?!?

Amanda said...

Congrats! So excited for you guys!

Jake and Jenna said...

again, we are SO excited for you guys! congrats! much love.

The Grahams said...

Congratulations! It will be a lot of fun for Claire to have a sibling... i love how much our boys already play together and look out for each other! Hope you aren't too sick!

Vindie said...

Yay! Such a cute way to tell the blogging world. I am so happy for you guys! Also, I miss you.

Cristy said...

Oh oh oh! So excited for you guys!!! So not getting pregnant right now myself... :)