cheese ball

the little booger is a total cheese ball when she wants to be. she usually HATES anything on her head or face, but has recently decided that sunglasses are pretty cool. and yes, they are upside down. making it that much cooler.

i'm off to st. louis tomorrow to see my family! wish me luck. it'll be the first time i've flown by myself with claire in a loooong time, it could get interesting. i'm really looking forward to being in illinois for some reason. i feel like its been a really long time, even though its only been five months. maybe its that i get to be a little selfish for a while.... even though i've been down and out with a cold or flu the last few weeks and joe has been helping out so much. i've got friends to see there, but its not that i'm excited for that. maybe its that i get some alone time with my mom for just a little bit, and i just really need it right now. momma just knows what you need, you know? anyways, it should be a good trip. its making me happy. although i'm a little bit flipping out that i haven't packed yet.....

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Yaya said...

She is sooooo cute! Have fun at your mom's. Everyone needs time at "home". I bet your mom needs you to come just as much. Have a safe trip.