Doggie lovin'

Watching my mom's dogs has been something else.
Woozy and wizzy are a crack up.
Liz acts like a cat just about all the time. She is nuts. She loves coming up and snuggling, and started coming and laying on a shoulder if she can maneuver just so.
Lucy is also cat-like- in that she is afraid of everything. She is most afraid of balls, and also my kids.  Between them and the big bouncy balls the kids love to play on, well, I'm surprised she comes out at all.

Again, dogs are like children.

I realized the other day I was feeling a bit overwhelmed for a moment. I only have three kids,  shouldn't I be used to it? It was weird, I kept trying to figure out why there was so much noise and commotion. Oh, duh. My three kids, plus two dogs, plus an extra couple kids I was babysitting- that would be 7 other bodies I was trying to keep track of. No worries, the second I realized that i stopped feeling overwhelmed and I put doggies to bed, my baby to bed, and within 30 minutes the extra babies were picked up. Whew. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the dogs, and I love dogs in general, but we won't be getting dogs anytime soon. Maybe after kids start going to school?

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