Treasure hunting

I've been scheming for claires's birthday party for several months now. 
We don't do a lot of parties, and the general rule is a "friends" party for the kids' birthdays every other year. Since Claire is leaving so many friends behind I wanted to do something extra fun, and we're having a special get together! Completely girly, and super sweet. 

And thinking about it gets the thoughts about joe leaving for two months off my mind.

So I convinced Lindsay to go treasure hunting with me yesterday. 
And treasure we did find!

But these little goodies will have to wait to be shared.
Just know, DI produced some awesome finds.

And, I'm doing all of it without the aid of Pinterest. Gasp! Maybe a little inspiration from a couple blogs, but no Pinterest. Woot.
(I keep getting flack about not having one. It is a time sucking machine, and I already of enough other things that suck my time.)

Bytheway, my husband, yes my husband, has a Pinterest account. So he can pin the guns he wants. Hilarious.

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Yaya said...

Ohhhh I can't wait to hear what you are doing for her party! I saw that he had a pinterest account. I told him I would not be following either of his boards!