Ode to Lola

You were a good little car.
You served so many, so well.
 You got beat up, scarred, and seemed to be falling apart.
But you were strong. Solid under the hood.
You were the scene for so many of my high school memories. And kept those stories to yourself.
You survived a teenage boy driver. 
You brought home 2 of my babies. 
And you will continue to serve someone else. 

We sold little Lola the Corolla last week. She got snatched up really fast, so fast I almost didn't want to let her go. She seemed to be nothing special, but she got me through high school, and then the last four years of our marriage. with joe leaving, and then going to school and training we just don't need another car, and so we parted ways with her. All the kids in my family drove her for a little bit at some point. I talk about her like a person, and no I'm not THAT attatched, but I was a little sentimental thinking about all the things that happened in that car. All the boys I drove around, friends who carpooled with me, all the nights I drove solo for 45 minutes each way to see friends. The times I locked my keys in the trunk, more than once. So many good times.

She better be treated well!

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