I snatched me a good one

Yesterday I went shopping for myself, all selfishly thinking I NEED boots, a new shirt, whatever I want! And I'm not shopping for HIM today, I want to shop for me! 

I came home and whined and complained at my husband about not finding just exactly what I wanted, after he stayed and watched all the kids plus my extra kid I babysit, several hours later.
He listened, patiently, and didn't say a word.

Then he went to run an errand he needed to do, taking a kid with him, and then followed my orders to get all this extra stuff at an entirely different store.

And he came home with something for me.

And then I had the gall to tell him I didn't like them.

So he immediately returned them and got ones I like instead.

And I love them!

But I love him, way, way more.
I mean, really, who goes all out of their way to be extra nice to someone even after they are all bratty and whiny and acting all selfish. Who does that!?!?

I married a good one, that's for sure. I don't deserve him, seriously.

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Yaya said...

It takes a good one to get a good one! Love the boots! And yes, I think he is a keeper too!